LX NY’s Jane Hanson interviews Maria Elena Holly at Songmasters/PJ Clarke’s event

LX New York’s Jane Hanson visits with Maria Elena Holly at True Love Ways event co-hosted by Songmasters and PJ Clarke’s in NYC on April 28-29, 2011.   The event, held at PJ Clarke’s,  was a tribute to Holly’s  great music and their great romance.  It featured Peter Asher, producer of Listen To Me: Buddy Holly, Maria Elena Holly, (Buddy Holly’s widow) and John Thomas of the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation,  which awarded Peter Asher the coveted True Love Ways guitar.   PJ Clarke’s also unveiled a never before published photo of Buddy and Maria Elena’s wedding kiss, the True Love Ways photo, which was permanently mounted over Table 53 where Buddy proposed to Maria Elena Santiago on June 20, 1958.  Buddy wrote True Love Ways as a wedding gift for Maria Elena, a song which Peter Asher and his singing partner Gordon Waller made a worldwide sensation in the 1960s.